About WestWyck

Communal Area

Our vision:

  • To develop an urban ecovillage according to One Planet Principles
  • To create an urban demonstration project setting new standards for quality sustainable design and sustainable living
  • To recycle a notable Brunswick landmark building respecting the heritage characteristics of the building and the neighbourhood

WestWyck has a mission to influence. Through provision of a demonstration ecovillage model, it aims to support and facilitate the evolution of sustainability policies and practices that relate to the built form within an urban community. It targets change at the State Government, local government, water and energy authority and private sector levels.

WestWyck participates in various public open day schemes like Museum Victoria's Water Smart Homes project, the Australian Open Gardens Scheme and ANZSES Sustainable House Day. In 2013 WestWyck hosted the Robin Boyd Foundation Association Open Day and received in excess of 400 visitors.

A steady stream of visitors reaches WestWyck including students, environmentalists, developers, designers and architects, local and State Government planners and officials and many interested members of the general public. WestWyck conducts tours on request, holds meetings and forums on the topic of sustainable development and plays host to overseas visitors, sometimes for extended stay periods.

In 2013 the founder of BioRegional Development Group and London's BedZED and One Brighton Developments Pooran Desai again stayed at WestWyck as part of an Australian visit. In October 2013 Kevin McCloud, host of TV's 'Grand Designs', visited and did filming at WestWyck. Jan Haenraets, Head of Gardens and Designed Landscapes of the National Trust for Scotland stayed at WestWyck for two months in 2012. David Green, then CEO of the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy, stayed with WestWyck over a period of several weeks while on an Australian speaking tour which led eventually to his appointment as CEO of Australia's Clean Energy Council.

WestWyck frequently contributes to conferences both through direct participation and through hosting site visits for conference participants. The conferences have included development industry, professional association, local government and environmental events.

WestWyck features in many school text books and other educational publications and students frequently use WestWyck as a resource for research projects. Currently one student is basing a PhD thesis on WestWyck and Christie Walk in Adelaide.

In 2013 WestWyck wrote a chapter for 'Sitelines', the bi-monthly newsletter, published by the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects. It contributed another chapter to a book, 'Turning Left or Right: Values in Modern Politics', published in October 2013.

WestWyck has been recognised through several awards. In October 2003 the Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand's recognised WestWyck for 'making a significant improvement to the quality of our environment'. WestWyck won the award for 'Business Enterprise' at the United Nations Association of Australia's 'World Environment Day Awards in 2004'. WestWyck achieved a special commendation at the Australian Property Institute, Victorian Division's 2008 Environmental Development Award. In July 2010 Multiplicity Architects and Designers achieved the 2010 Victorian Interior Architecture Award for their fitout in apartment 4 at WestWyck. WestWyck achieved its award of greatest personal significance in June 2011 when it won the Peter Szental Award for Sustainability Entrepreneurship a new award made by the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) as part of its United Nations World Environment Day awards. The late Peter Szental had been a great supporter of and mentor to WestWyck and its developers.

In 2013 co-developer Lorna Pitt was honoured locally by Moreland City Council as part of its 'Honouring Women' program for her work at WestWyck.

WestWyck is educational, aiming to raise standards and increase the knowledge base for future residential developments by demonstration and leadership. The WestWyck developers have consciously set out to make contact and retain relationships with like and related projects in Australia and overseas.

WestWyck has attracted a great deal of media attention at a time when the general awareness of the impact of our built environment on greenhouse emissions is on the increase.

The Age (Melbourne) Magazine featured WestWyck as a centrefold and magazines like 'Sanctuary', 'Green' and 'G Magazine' have prepared feature articles on the project. WestWyck has been the focus of various television and radio programs as an example of sustainable or green housing. Real estate magazines and newspapers write regularly about WestWyck. In 2014 'Better Homes and Gardens' did a WestWyck feature shoot.

When the current building activity is completed WestWyck's One Planet Action Plan will oblige the Owners' Corporate to assume responsibility for education around and promotion of sustainable development and to run regular tours and you could contact WestWyck to see if they are able to accommodate you.