Stage Two

Western Block

The next eighteen apartments were finally ready to be market tested in early 2014. All properties have now been sold. The sense of community-centred living, the One Planet Action Plan and the strong focus on environmental sustainability are proving popular in the market. WestWyck the company feel that people are showing that they want something different; they want to live in a different and supportive way.

Real estate agent Glenn Bartlett, a partner at Woodards Carlton, claims that the WestWyck units have outperformed the general market in both price and level of interest. 'Buyers were not exactly hard to come by,' he said. He felt there was a 'robust demand for this type of property in this type of community-based setting'. Glenn described most of the buyers as 'quite like-minded people, with sensitivities around sustainability and community.'

Project model

The Stage Two Project Manager is THINC Projects and they are taking overall supervisory responsibility for the design, tendering and implementation. The Stage Two design is the work of Multiplicity Architecture working closely with Organica Engineering who drive the ESD commitment. Engineer Trevor Huggard continues to provide advice to the designers and Wood and Grieve Engineers have tackled most aspects of the project's engineering requirements. Philip Johnson Landscapes, chosen for their exciting expertise in Whole of Water Cycle Management, have been asked to keep the external design consistent with what has already been built on the Hunter St site.